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Lacons Heritage Range are award-winning specialist ales inspired by iconic Lacons recipes dating back as far as 1866.  Bottle conditioned with the addition of live yeast allowing the ale to continue conditioning.  This aging process allows the beer to develop a smoother more luxurious flavour profile.

 Imperial Stout – ABV 8.0%, 750ml – Inspired by a Lacons recipe dating back to 1866. This magnificent stout floods the palate with mighty malt flavours and chocolate notes, balanced by hints of irresistible stone fruits.

 Yarmouth Strong – ABV 7.0%, 750ml – Overflowing with heritage this rich bitter has been brewed with a malt brought back from the 1800s. Its complex depths are enhanced by notes of berries and figs with a lovely velvety mouthfeel.

Audit Ale – ABV 8 .0%, 750ml – Dark copper barley wine bursting with marvelous marmalade aromas. Berries and spice cascade the palate followed by a smooth sweet finish. An exceptional example of a unique style of beer and won champion Winter beer of Britain at The Great British Beer Festival in 2019.

Old Nogg–  ABV 6.0%, 750ml – Charming dark ale, slightly nutty with an abundance of warm woody tones.  Hints of dark fruits and pine aroma tingle the senses. Old Nogg reflects the dark days of the 1926 general strike when rebelling workers drank strong classic beers during hard times.

Highlight Ale – ABV 6.0%, 750ml – An IPA with a punch of peach and passionfruit. An easy-going biscuity backbone highlights delicate fruity aromas, rounded off with a dry finish. Highlight was first brewed in 1957 and became a pioneering marketing campaign for Lacons. Our brewery museum houses a coveted collection of retro Lacons memorabilia.

  • Old Nogg


  • Audit Ale


  • Yarmouth Strong


  • Imperial stout


  • Highlight Ale


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We recommend allowing the bottles to rest for around 24 hours and then pouring gently leaving the sediment behind.  Serve between 10-12ºc  and store in a cool, dark place.


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