Aged Ale & Game Crisp Taster Box


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Taste of Game to pair their cracking crisps with 4 bottles of our aged beer. This is what we have come up with, but see if you agree…

Lacons Imperial Stout with Grouse & Whinberry
Lacons Yarmouth Strong with Wild Boar & Apple
Lacons Audit Ale with Wild Duck & Plum Sauce
Lacons Old Nogg with Smoked Pheasant & Wild Mushroom


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Tasting Notes

Imperial Stout – ABV 8.0%, 750ml – Inspired by a variety of stronger recipes from Lacons past. This magnificent stout floods the palette with mighty malt flavours and roasted notes, balanced by hints of irresistible stone fruits.

Yarmouth Strong – ABV 7.0%, 750ml – Overflowing with heritage this rich bitter has been brewed with a malt brought back from the 1800s . It’s complex depths are enhanced by notes of berries and figs with a lovely velvety mouth feel.

Audit Ale – ABV 8 .0%, 750ml – Dark copper barley wine bursting with marvellous marmalade aromas. Berries and spice cascade the palette followed by a smooth sweet finish. An exceptional example of a unique style of beer and won champion beer of Britain at the great British beer festival 2019.

Old Nogg –  ABV 6.0%, 750ml – Charming dark ale slightly nutty with an abundance of warm woody tones. Hints of dark fruits and a delightful pine aroma tingle the sense.

Smoked Pheasant & Wild Mushroom – 40g – Pheasant tastes of a rich buttery flavoured corn-fed chicken and we have seasoned these crisps with smoked salt, and a wonderfully savoury earthy meaty flavour of wild mushroom.

Grouse & Whinberry – 40g – Young grouse tastes of rich sweet wild herbs.  To create this flavour our grouse and whinberry crisps have a rich herby meat flavour coming from thyme with the sweet fruity flavour of whinberries – more commonly know as a bilberry.

Wild Duck & Plum Sause – 40g – Rich and full of flavour wild duck has a delicious meaty taste.  With flavour reminiscent of spring onion and hoisin sauce we lightly seasoned the crisps with ginger, star anise and soy sauce flavours.

Wild Boar & Apple –  40g – More like a cross between free range pork and venison, wild boar is full of savoury flavours.  To create this and balance it with the sweetness of a cox’s apple we have used a seasoning made with smoked salt, paprika, apple and rosemary.

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