The Perfect Blend

We’re always excited to collaborate with like-minded drinks brands, so when the opportunity arose to team up with our friends at The English Distillery on a thrilling, albeit time- intensive project, we couldn’t have been happier.

The Perfect Blend

This exciting collaboration involves using our stronger ABV heritage ales, each brewed from iconic Lacons recipes with a modern twist, to create a unique beer aged in rare, specialist whisky casks. The project involves two stages; in the first stage, our beer ages in the barrels before we return these casks to The English Distillery to further age some of their whisky for another 3 years.

This project is a testament to the skills and knowledge of both companies, coming together to create two very different but equally exquisite liquids, showcasing our dedication to quality and innovation.

The initial results have delivered a luxurious, full-bodied ale with a great mouth feel and subtle vanilla notes on the nose, and the finish has a pleasant warming booze heat from the Whisky cask.

The Perfect Blend
The Perfect Blend

About The English Distillery

When James Nelstrop discovered that there had not been a registered Whisky distillery in England since 1905, he saw an opportunity to revive the tradition. The Nelstrop family established The English Distillery in 2006 and began to produce single malt whisky using locally sourced ingredients.

Today, The English Distillery is England’s oldest registered whisky distillery and is considered one of the leading whisky producers in England, with its products being sold worldwide. The distillery remains independent, creating multi-award-winning whisky from honest, local ingredients. Their first whisky was released in 2009, and since then, the company has won numerous awards for its products.

Uniquely, The English Distillery is located on St George’s Farm, covering over 70 acres and where the barley used to make the whisky is grown, so really where the magic begins! The English Distillery embodies the English countryside and exudes the spirit of a family legacy.

 We’re thrilled to release a very limited quantity from this initial batch!

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